Wine&Thecity was born in Napoli in 2008, an idea by Donatella Bernabò Silorata as “the wine lounge” of Vitignoitalia. It was the first food and wine “off lounge” event in Italy and immediately drew the attention of the media and the public for bringing the wine and the sommeliers beyond the usual places. Since the first edition, nomadism and contamination have inspired the show that over the years has expanded geographically and temporal spaces configured as a large moveable feast.

In May vernissage, performances, aperitifs in boutiques, dinners in private houses and nomadic theater take place in unconventional spaces, unusual urban itineraries, art activities, music and design invade and animate the city in the name of the creative inhebriation. Attended by more than 100 wineries and many public and private sites including museums, boutiques, art and design galleries, grand hotels, artist studios and creative, restaurants, wine bars, gardens, monuments and metropolitan vineyards in a series of events around the crossover culture and good wine pleasure.

Wine&Thecity is today a widespread wine movement that year every year reinvents itself. It is a collective action that brings together creative minds from all over the city. It is performance and installation, it is discovery and entertainment, it is traveling in the most irrational and beautiful city that exists on Earth.

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