Sparkling wines to try

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1. Sparkling Caprettone Casa Setaro.

The spumante from Caprettone grapes that have the unique taste of Vesuvius.

2. Mata Brut Villa Matilde.

The spumante from Falanghina grapes entirely produced in company with a 60 months rest on yeasts. A hitting-bubble.

3. Fiano extra dry sparkling wine of La Molara.

From Irpinia lands, a complex and elegant fine and persistent wine. Ideal with salami, shellfish, seafood.

4. Falanghina Brut Astro Cantine Astroni.

From the volcanic soils of the Flegrei Fields a fine, soft and balanced wine. On the nose its senses are complex, elegant and intense. It shows hints of white flowers, fresh fruit and pleasant mineral notes.

5. Sparkling Dubl Falanghina from Feudi di San Gregorio.

A wine with a bright yellow color that unites the fine perlage of Metodo Classico  and Falanghina grape. It impresses with its fragrance and dynamism.

6. Flaegreo Cantine Federiciane.

The sparkling wine from Falanghina which is the utmost typicality of the grape: fruity nose, bright in the glass with beautiful persistence of perlage. Excellent as an aperitif.

7. Ellenikos Spumante Brut Fattoria La Rivolta.

From the heart of Taburno, a 100% Greek grape sparkling wine to match with shellfish and fish.

8. Falanghina Spumante Extra Dry Naked Heroic Fontanavecchia.

Immediate, informal and fragrant: from Falanghina grapes, following the rules of the Charmat method.

9. Sparkling Wine La Matta Casebianche.

From the sunny lands of Cilento a wine made just for fun, made by Pasquale and Betty Mitra. From the Fiano grapes with a crisp and pleasant taste. Perfect with raw fish.

10. Gold Sparkling Tenuta Cavalier Pepe.

Authentic expression of the territory of Luogosano, sparkling wine with a dry taste, but softened by a slightly sweet note at the end. Fine and persistent.

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