Keywords for Wine&Thecity

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We cultivate creative inhebraition or the so called state of euphoria and permanent vertigo that gives voice to poetry and beauty.

2. Contamination

We contaminate places and subvert the stereotypes, we mix forms and languages to create new ones.

3. Nomadism

We do not change residence, but we give life fill up places with beauty. We are travelers in search of wonder. Our home is wherever there is the culture of beauty and goodness.

4. Discovery

We explore hidden places and hidden beauty. We value talent.


We believe in wine as a joy of life, pleasure that unites, continuous inspiration, culture and expression of the territory.

6. Sharing

In the era of social network, we share the pleasure to be together, we seek for true relationships in the most irrational and beautiful city that exists.

7. Beauty

Dostoyevsky said: “Beauty will save the world,” and we certainly believe in it.

8. Creativity

We defend the imagination as species in danger of extinction.

9. Movement

We turn the city into motion bringing together creative minds, we make Napoli a moveable feast.

10. Amazement

We seek the wonder caused by something unexpected as we stumble in never endless beauty.


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