To do in Naples

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  1. Discover the Posillipo coast on a kayak, between the yellow stone benches and hidden coves, to view Napoli from another point of view; from the neo-classical villas to and the underwater Roman ruins.
  2. From the terrace il Quarto del Priore at Certosa di San Martino the view on the city of Napoli is just outstanding as it is the highest point of the city. Enjoy the silence as you manage to explore the city of Partenope from above the city until your eyes reach the sea.

  3. If you love the see, you can’t miss the Protected marine area of Gaiola preferably to be visited in spring, when there are few visitors.
  4. Submerge yourself within the Neapolitan markets as you will likely be enchanted by the voices, colours and flavors of the city: for sure there will be a continuous theatrical seen. You should not miss the the Pignasecca and what the Neapolitans call “over the walls” market at Porta Nolana.
  5. If you are in Napoli, you have to let your instinct guide you through the alleys of the old town: narrow streets, barely touched by the sun, never endless stories and historical buildings with a constant surprise. Enjoy a pizza portfolio, the oldest and typical Neapolitan street food.
  6. Centuries passed by yet the feeling has remained unchanged, once you cross the Threshold of the San Carlo Theatre: “The eyes are dazzled, the soul abducted. There is nothing, in Europe, that even comes close to this theater, but it gives a clue” Stendhal quote.
  7. The Pedamentina: 414 stairs built back in the 13th Century, is today among the oldest stair climbs of the city, that connect the historical city center with the Certosa of San Martino. As you follow the stairs you will be exploring vineyards and a continuous breathtaking view of the bay.
  8. The underground city: there is whole new world underground; you will be fascinated by the sophisticated cave architecture of chamber tombs, hallmark of the aristocratic families of the Hellenistic period. Breathe the air of Naples where the devotion coexists with the pagan soul.
  9. A must tour is the subway tour through several art stations. There you can find permanent art installations with art works by international stars and architects as Oliviero Toscani, Mimmo Jodice, William Kentridge, Karim Rashid, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Joseph Kosuth that transformed the “no” transit places into open galleries.
  10. Be fascinated by the powerful beauty of Hercules at the National Archaeological Museum that belonged to the Farnese collection.

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